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  • Investors looking to flip a property

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  • Business owners searching for a commercial building or land

  • Landlords and investors looking for high-return rental properties

  • Families who would like to buy or sell their home by FSBO

  • Investors looking for other investors to team up with on joint ventures

Welcome to FlipConnector.com, the real estate classifieds site that brings motivated real estate sellers, buyers, wholesalers and investors together. What separates FlipConnector from other real estate classifieds sites is that we approach our property listings from an investment point of view. What does this all mean in a nutshell? FlipConnector makes it easy for you to make great deals and make a profit! So come on in, take a look around and sign up for your Free Membership today! New properties and deals are coming in all the time. The only question is, which great deal is going to be yours?

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Flipping Houses as a Lifestyle

Everyone needs a place to live. Whether it is a house, an apartment, or something else, shelter is a basic need that must be met. One of the most basic ...
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Contract assignment

9 Basics of Wholesaling Houses

Wholesaling houses enables you to earn profits with little or no credit or capital. Wholesaling involves putting a property under contract, for example, a distressed property that needs repairs, and ...
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House being purchased

Should I Get a Real Estate License if I Flip Houses?

One question that is asked frequently by house flippers and would-be house flippers is "Should I get a real estate license?". Investors who flip houses profit by buying houses at ...
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Old manufactured home

Why Developing on Manufactured Home Lots can be a Winning Strategy

I believe that one of the most overlooked opportunities to build a home either for profit or for living lies in lots that currently have old or dilapidated mobile or ...
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What Contractors Do You Need to Flip a House?

Flipping houses has become more popular than ever in part because of the shows that feature individuals buying, fixing up, and selling houses for a big profit. If you have ...
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